Our Carpet Cleaning Service Incorporates Upholstery as Well

Do you require assistance with the upkeep of your upholstered furniture? If so, get in touch with Chem Clean right away! Upholstery cleaning is one of my specializations, and I am in Spokane, WA. Make an appointment with me for a carpet cleaning service right away!

Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Is Important

You probably regularly vacuum your upholstered furniture, just like many households. It is crucial since it can get rid of the dirt and dust that have accumulated on your furniture’s surface, but don’t just stop at vacuuming! You could also hire professionals to clean your upholstery if you want to extend its lifespan.

The expert cleaning procedure removes dust, pet hair, skin oils, dust mites, and other contaminants that have lodged deep inside the upholstery fibers. You may deep-clean your upholstery, get rid of tough stains, and restore the new look, feel, and smell of your furniture by using this cleaning method.

Items I Clean

Although many companies provide upholstery cleaning services, I am an experienced technician. Sofas, recliners, ottomans, sectionals, love seats, stuffed chairs, and dining room chairs are just a few of the upholstery kinds I treat. I can even remove dust and smudges from mattresses and bed sets! You may be confident that I can offer you a carpet cleaning service that includes upholstered furniture.

I only utilize cutting-edge, highly efficient cleaning methods and equipment that enable me to thoroughly clean your upholstery and eliminate pollutants. Your upholstered furniture will be thoroughly cleaned in the shortest time possible thanks to the products and equipment that let me finish my cleaning chores fast and efficiently.

Get in Touch With Us

Chem Clean is the right contractor to hire if you need assistance with upholstery cleaning. Call me now at (509) 315-1734 to speak with a professional cleaner in Spokane, WA and book an appointment with me!

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